Are your kids driving you crazy while trying to work from home?

Well, you are not alone. Whether it’s just one child or four, balancing work with kids isn’t as peaceful or blissful as some may think.

In a FlexJobs survey, 94% of respondents believe that a flexible job will help them be better parents. The question now is – Would your kids actually let you work without distractions?

Let’s be honest – it’s not easy working from home with kids around! According to CNBC, 56% of parents working from home without child care reported that they are having difficulty navigating the situation. 

Although some companies are doing their best to ease some of the burdens. For instance, in early 2020, Twitter launched a virtual 8-week program called “Camp Twitter.” This program helped to keep their employees’ kids occupied and happy and the parents had more time to work. 

There are also companies like Kunik that work with employers by engaging their employees in meaningful discussions and customizing programs that would solve the problems they face while working from home.

Apart from the solutions provided by companies, there are so many tricks you can use to keep your kids busy while you have your peaceful work time. You can engage them in coloring activities, award gifts to the one who sleeps best or bribe your child with a special delicacy, dessert, or little gifts like toys.

How can companies make remote work easier for parents? Please share your views.

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