Have you tried walking and working?

If you’re moving, you’re doing it right!

Working on a treadmill desk effectively reduces the working from home sedentary lifestyle. Not just that, research has shown that office workers who sit for extended periods are more likely to be obese and suffer from back pain, heart disease, and diabetes.

Users who have tried this work style testify of increased focus, elevated mood, increased productivity, and all the other health benefits. Companies like New yorker, Salo, ReadWrite, and SilverTech that offer treadmill desks report increased productivity and improved employee satisfaction and retention.

Raegan Poltrock, a client strategy associate at advertising service Attentive, noticed some physical and mental benefits that made her more productive at work when she started taking a walk on her Goyouth treadmill.

Treadmill manufacturers are creating treadmill designs of different shapes and sizes.

Lifespan sells a variety of treadmill desks and treadmill bases that you can use to effortlessly combine your busy work life with exercising. The Lifespan TR 1200-DT treadmill desk was voted as the best budget treadmill in a Readers’ Choice Awards two years in a row.

iMovr offers more high-end options starting from $2200. 

Together, these two companies are believed to make up 95% of the market in the USA. 

So it seems that there are not many startups that are addressing the market and we are yet to see any disruptions if any. 

Would you try a treadmill desk?

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