Quick question – when was the last time you caught a traditional taxi cab?

Next time you head to the airport, take a look around and note just how many Uber, Lyft or Bolt cabs you see waiting outside… 🚗

In the name of efficiency & convenience, the traditional taxi job has been completely revolutionized in the past decade by Uber and many other brands.

Cabs are now just a phone’s tap away, with drivers working under a socially calibrated rating system that encourages positive customer experiences.

Not only has the taxi market been flipped by this so-called “Uber Economy”, but so have many other markets like food delivery, groceries delivery, home cleaning, apartment rentals, and many others.

One more industry that’s been affected is the pet market! ‘Wag’ is a huge new app for pet parents, offering dog walking, pet sitting, training & more. According to BusinessWire – their revenue increased 273% in Q1 this year to $9.7 million, almost 4x their Q1 revenue last year.

The app is structured just like Uber, with customers being able to find someone just a few taps away that is reviewed on the app with their own profile & rating.

Dog walking is now an automated service, so is food delivery & taxi cabs….what do you think could be next? If you had the funding – what problem would you want to be automated in your day-to-day life?


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