Are you feeling burnt-out or overwhelmed with work? Do you think you’ll be more productive if you take a nap? 

“Rest is not idleness. It is the key to a better life.” – Alex Soojung-Kim Pang

Most employers and employees believe that the best way to be productive is to work all day/week, but science and research have proven that wrong.

Sara Mednick and colleagues tested individuals based on perception tasks, and the result showed that “nappers” did better than “non-nappers.” Sleep scientists also found out that napping, sleeping, and taking short breaks can be effective in recharging your mental batteries, thereby enhancing productivity.

This is what biohacking is all about. Finding ways to make people healthier, stronger, more creative, and more efficient at whatever they do. 

We can quickly classify workplace rest into two categories; daytime rest and day off work. 

Companies like Basecamp and Bolt have adopted remote hiring or 4-day workweeks to help their staff become more productive. 

Other companies have launched their brand, products, and services around biohacking and general rest activities. For example, Ōura Health Oy, a Finnish health technology company, produces the Oura Ring, a smart ring used to track sleep and physical activity to increase rest and productivity. 

About 88% of Oura Ring users say that their sleep quality has improved since they started using the ring. In his article on Asian efficiency, Thanh Pham also confirmed that the Oura ring helped him become more productive.

Metronap saw employees sleeping at work and came up with the EnergyPod, a chair that is specifically designed for workplace napping.

Have you tried napping during working hours?

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