What are 21st-century skills?

The World Health Organization defines the fundamental life skills as decision-making and problem solving, communication and interpersonal skills, self-awareness and empathy, creative and critical thinking, and coping with emotions and stress. A company like Everfi Inc. was able to raise $190 million to teach life skills and subjects relevant to the future of work.

Even though it is impossible to boast about knowing the technology that will be available next on the market, you can still prepare for career success by focusing on the fundamental skills needed to survive in this fast-changing world.

As a large employer and provider of technology, Dell is committed to ensuring that youth thrive in their future career by working as a partner with Camara Education and others in the “partnership for 21st-century skills” to promote the integration of these skills into curricula which can prepare young people for the competition in the global economy.

Despite the challenges of acquiring 21st-century skills, it is always worth the effort since these skills and abilities are crucial for success in modern society.

What are the most important skills that students should be learning in school to be successful?

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