Has your office workspace changed since Covid-19?

A survey conducted by Microsoft showed that more than half of the respondents indicated their work environment would influence their decision to quit their job or stay.

Many employees took a step back, observed their office spaces, and saw the need for a change.

Startups in architecture and interior design are working on achieving more adaptable buildings and multifunctional spaces. ROOM, a startup that specializes in modern workspace designs, launched its office pods, designed with soundproof and ventilation. The company had sold over 10,000 booths to more than 3,000 unique clients, including Twitter and streaming giant Twitch. ROOM has raised over $14M in funding so far. 

Some companies have started improving office environments and designs to boost employee engagement and well-being. 

Denizen offers a rather radical solution – a tiny pre-fab office that could let you work in a tranquil setting, surrounded by nature. It comes prepacked with everything you need to stay productive (from an adjustable standing desk to 4k webcams). Originally they wanted to rent the pods to employers but started selling them to individuals as well when the demand for working from home skyrocketed. 

How has your office changed after Covid-19? 

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