Our history

Descriptive PART

Six entrepreneurs, including Ilya Krivorot and ex-owner of Svyaznoy Maxim Nogotkov, launched the Sinteza venture studio to develop startups with the prospect of entering the global market.

This format was chosen by Sinteza, “because all over the world, studio wards reach greater heights than accelerators or early-stage venture capital funds.”

The venture studio shares responsibility with the founders and dives deep into the project, Sinteza noted. In particular, he helps with product development, closes missing functions in the field of marketing, recruiting and finance. Close contact with a startup, according to Sinteza, leads to a 70% conversion of positive projects into successful ones. In a standard venture fund, this figure is 10-20%.

The venture studio gives startups the opportunity to use their pool of experienced professional managers, which closes the missing functions of startups with their competencies and increases the chances of success.

SVS indicators

average check – $250,000
investment format – money, time, talent
target – 10 projects per year
directions – FinTech, EdTech, HrTech, RetailTech, PropTech

Startup life cycle in studio

Step 1: Formation of the idea.
– from the founder
– from an investor
– from a team member

Step 2: Inside the Studio
– Validation
– Access to the market
– Zoom

Step 3: Support
– Creation of the structure
– Attracting subsequent rounds
– Sale to a major player
– Early exit for investors

How we help startups

1. finance and analysis:

– Product validation;
– Strategy Development;
– Analysis of the effectiveness of hypotheses;
– Financial analysis and unit-economics;
– Attraction of investments;
– Legal support.

2. marketing and hr:

– Marketing and sales;
– Product design;
– Selection and management of the team.

3.Communication and PR:

– government relations;
– Networking.

Studio Format

1. search – Search and selection of viable startups;
2. analysis – Analysis of the potential of the project. Determining the required amount of investment;
3. soft launch – Preliminary launch of the project at the MVP level Confirmation of viability;
4. round – Conducting an investment round;
5. boost – Project scaling