Who does Sinteza invest in?

First of all, we invest in startups targeting the US market. but this does not negate the consideration of promising products in other markets, including the CIS

In what areas does Sintez invest?

We are open to various directions, but we will single out the following areas:
1. fintech
2. edtech
3. proptech
4. digital (e-com, saas, social platform)

What are the requirements for a startup team?

In a team, we evaluate many parameters, but we single out the most important parameters as follows:

1. Experience in entrepreneurial activity of the project founder;
2. Teamwork of the board in projects of past experience is desirable;
3. Knowledge of English.

What are the project requirements?

1. Absence of angels with shares from 20+% in the board;
2. The term of the project is not older than 6 months from the moment of idea.

The perfect presentation is?

1. Market - volume, planned market share;
2. Pain of the market - a map of market players, a chain of their interaction and zones where a startup with its innovation appears + the presence of competitors in this map and their current volumes.
3. Flow of the project - how it looks, how it works, what is the logic
4. Project model - unit economy, target by indicators
5. Project budget for the required round item by item (development, marketing, team, etc)
6. Comparative rounds of competitors - who raised how much, on what rounds now, who invested
7. Traction map for the next round, it is desirable to have targeted funds for the next stages
8. Exit plan - for what period and with what action plan is the thesis planned to become a strategist. If there is no strategist, then a detailed description of the model by retention.

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