Remote work is here to stay

Remote work is not going anywhere. 25% of jobs in North America are expected to be remote by the end of this year. That’s a lot of people working from home.

According to a study conducted by OwlLabs 90% of respondents said that they were at the same productivity level – or higher – when working from home. 

Working from home makes employees:

– being present with family

– happier

– leads to better mental health

– feel more trusted

But do managers feel the same? 36% of managers working with remote teams, are concerned about employee productivity and worried about reduced focus. 40% of managers from HBR study showed low confidence in their ability to manage workers remotely. Recently Elon Musk told Tesla’s employees to return to the office or leave the company (even though some of them struggled to find the workspace after that). 

The option to work remotely becomes to deal-breaker for many – 1 in 3 would quit their job if they could not work remotely (and 18% were undecided). 

How was your remote experience? Do you miss working at the office or do you think the office is ‘dead’? 

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