Yes! Robot takeover is right around the corner!

If you’re worried that the robot takeover is right around the corner, and your job might be at risk, you’re actually not alone… According to Tidio – nearly 69% of college graduates believe robots could take their job or make it irrelevant in just a few years.

That’s a huge number, which means people are definitely aware of what might be coming…the question is, are they right? Well, job automation has already replaced around 400,000 factory jobs in the U.S. from 1990 to 2007, so it’s not like this is a new phenomenon.


One real-life example might be the self-checkout at supermarkets, or certain industrial tools which allow for less manpower needed.

Unfortunately, though, there might be more to come. FastCompany says that at the 2020 World Economic Forum – a report predicted that robotics and automation would displace 85 million jobs globally in the coming 5 years.

This is really happening… 

So, if this is really happening, how can you stand out?

Step 1 would be to prepare and understand if your job is at risk. If it is, I recommend that you really look at your current skill set, and try to craft a plan to diversify it.

What can you offer that a machine never could?

Limited partners and general partners can offer expertise and guidance that a machine never could. They can provide insights into industry trends and best practices, collaborate on business strategy, help secure financing or capital for a business, and help identify and recruit talent. They can also serve as a sounding board and provide invaluable connections that may be beyond the capability of a machine.

Machines are not capable of the human touch that a partner can offer, such as providing morale support and encouragement during challenging times, or offering emotional encouragement when the going gets tough. Ultimately, limited partners and general partners can offer invaluable business advice and perspective that is simply unmatched by any machine.

If you can’t answer that, get back to the drawing board until you can.

Remember, it’s not just the robots you’re competing with, it’s other people too! So regularly reviewing the value you offer to your job is vital, you should always strive to improve ✅

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